Malay Wedding Photography Packages Too Expensive?

Some couples out there are willing to pay excessive amounts for wedding photographers.

There is nothing wrong with this if you know exactly the photographer you want and you fall in love with their work.

It also helps if you can afford it.

The question is however, is a more expensive wedding photographer a better photographer?

Is an inexpensive and more affordable photographer just not as qualified?

The word budget and wedding are often treated as “dirty word” as many couple chose to splurge on this most special of days.

Indeed, there are more special days to look forward to as well! The wedding is just the first of many.

Getting keys to the first HDB home, saving up for the home renovations or even future children education funds!

But, as we mentioned, if  you need to conserve cash for a first home or the honeymoon, there are ways to save several hundred, even thousands of dollars.

There are a few ways to take those dollars off those expensive wedding photography packages!

  • Plan the Wedding Photography Details Carefully 

Proper planning can dramatically cut your costs. You can do this by discussing the details with your fiancé and listing down all the photography items you want. After that, you can start canvassing for their prices and then go with the option that best fits your budget and standards.

  • Refrain From Being Upsold to Buy Unnecessary Wedding Packages

Sometimes photography studios will try to sell you their most expensive packages, but don’t let yourself be tempted by these offers unless you’re actually planning to buy them. Only buy the package that includes the specific items you need–this way, you won’t be wasting any money.

  • Choose a Digital Wedding Photography Package

Jurugambar SG understand how expensive the total wedding cost be for couples. That’s why we are offering a digital package in which the pictures are all compiled in a CD or DVD, and it’s up to the newlyweds to get them printed. Couples will be able to save a great amount of money because they’ll only have to pay for the services alone.

  • Reserve Your Wedding Photographer Early!

Another great money-saving tip is to book for your photographer’s services one year before the event. But why so early, you ask? It is because the earlier you do this, the less expensive it will be especially if you made reservations during an off-peak season. Even booking a two or three months away from the wedding is quite costly already, so you want to be prompt with your order so you can really get a big discount on the coverage.

We understand that planning and holding a Malay wedding in Singapore can cost a lot.

We hear too many stories of weddings that wipe away more than half of a couple’s savings.

Don’t fall into the trap – capturing photos for the wedding is important — but the post wedding life is the far more important chapter in your life.


Johan Ghazawan

I love capturing wedding stories. I see each wedding as a creative opportunity. Every element of the story is important, and how we capture those elements is just as important. This is why I accept only a limited number of bookings each year, and never take more than one wedding on a weekend. Connect with Johan Ghazawan on Johan Ghazawan Google+ I want to ensure I have a fresh and inspired eye for each couple's story. In short, I pour our heart, soul and spirit into every wedding we film and photograph.

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