Top Ten Reasons why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Photographs have a timeless quality and are usually the only enduring evidence of how great you were in that period of life when you were young and at your prime.

Wedding photography takes on a more important meaning as testaments to the love and promise that you make to your soulmate. They stand as a record of the sacred moment when you bind your life and happiness with that of another.

These mementos are usually passed down to sons and daughters in the future to be enjoyed for many years to come, the closest thing to heirlooms that we can get in these modern times. Thus, think of your wedding photographs as an investment that has to stand the test of time.

Who knows, your pictures could one day be considered an important artifact about our current society in decades to come and studied by ethnographers of the future?

With permanence in mind, these are top ten reasons why we should hire a professional wedding photographer.

1. Your future sons and daughters should realize how beautiful you once were.

Beauty fades, it is true but photographs can immortalize you in the prime of your life.

Case in point, my grandmother is currently in her late 70s and we are in awe of her post-wedding photograph taken in a studio. It was a headshot and we could see that she was such a beauty at that age with my dashing grandfather at her side.

As grandchildren were glad that the photo survived 50+ years, we were able to see different sides to my grandmother’s personality and share her experiences of how she fell in love, immortalizing the memory of my late grandfather as well.

By hiring a professional wedding photographer, you would be certain that he would be able to ascertain your best angle and who knows, the picture could be a family heirloom and a talking point for your grandchildren about the good ole days when you were in your prime?

2. Instagram and Iphones are no substitutes for the professionals

As a society, we are enamoured by Iphones and its Instagram application, thinking that the digital filters on it can make any picture you take rival that of a professional.

Sure, your friends who hover like flies around you with their smart phones at the ready to take pictures of every blush and smile that creep across your face would think of themselves as excellent photojournalists, but they are no substitute for the professionals.

You will find that digital filters cannot fix shaky, blurry pictures from well-meaning friends and will wish that you had hired a professional to cover your event.

3. Top notch camera equipment

A professional will have better camera equipment than the Average Joe.

As a professional photographer, word of mouth can make or break his business so it is a matter of great honour and pride for a serious photographer to constantly upgrade his camera equipment and be on top of the trends in the industry.

High-end professional equipment costs a great deal of money, something that an average person might find too costly as an investment so choose to hire a professional for a perfect finish.

4. A seasoned events advisor

During consultations, a seasoned professional photographer is sort of like an event producer in a sense that he is able to figure out beforehand what works and what would definitely flop within your event.

Having been to many weddings and observing the proceedings, he is able to advise you about how to go about organising your event to get the perfect shots from a photography standpoint. The best of them with their straightforward no-nonsense advice could offer brutal honest truths that would reduce drama on your wedding day.

5. Professionals rally masses assertively to orchestrate the perfect shot

Something has to be said about an assertive photographer who knows how to get things to happen quickly. A lifesaver during your event, he could cut through the chaos of the day, get everyone on the same page and restore order, at least what looks like order in his pictures.

6. A professional doesn’t make your guests nervous

Ever seen photos of bug-eyed people whose faces feel like a strained mask of nervousness in photos? Probably these were the result of a scary photographer with very little EQ.

With some cajoling and some well-placed humour, a professional would be able to put their subjects at ease and hopefully produce pictures that showcase the joy and excitement on your big day as it should be.

7. Cool, calm and collected under pressure

When less than desirable hiccups happen, a professional will be able to remain calm. He will be able to go with the flow and salvage the situation to the best of his ability. He would also refrain from contributing to the chaos around him by remaining calm and steady under all conditions that will make another lesser human being sweat.

8. Quick, point, shoot!

Every opportunity is seized and their hands don’t leave the shutter release button for long. Photographers also have an unusually large reserve of energy and are constantly moving about to capture as many photographs of the event as possible. Can your friends offer the same commitment to you for free? It’s a rare occurrence but if you have friends like that, keep them around for life.

9. Blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb

Professionals try to blend in and not look like they are embarrassed to be there. After all, every one has a part to play to create a happy atmosphere and the last thing one needs is a stranger who needs taking care of.

10. High Standards of Graphic Editing

Professionals are savvy about expectations of the bride and groom with regards to the end product. A consultation session prior to the wedding will allow photographers to understand the vision of the bride and groom.

The vision dictates how the shots will be lined up and the treatment of these photos in the editing room. A professional will be able to live up to the expectations set with experience on his side.

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