Why Meeting Your (Potential) Wedding Photographer In Person Is Necessary

For some reasons such as convenience, couples nowadays intending to get married and are searching for a potential wedding photographer have the tendency to simply request for quotes to be sent to them. Yes. Instead of actually going the extra step to meet the photographer in person to know more. Every day, we receive a lot of enquiries about our rates and packages and yet we hardly ever get to meet with the potential to-be wedded couple in person. How then, would we as photographers know whether we will be suited for each other? How can we clearly understand what the couple wants to achieve for their wedding photographs? How then would the potential bride and groom be aware of the intricate behind the scenes processes? How then would you understand the true value of a wedding photography package? The Importance Of Your Wedding Photographer If you are planning to get married, you should know fully well that a wedding is (and will hopefully be), a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The point in your life where two people are very much in love and have prepared to commit the rest of their lives to each other. And then take the next and final step to achieve their happily ever after. Hence every step of the wedding preparations, before and after should be so meticulously planned and engineered. This of course, includes the wedding photographer who will be carrying out duties on the actual day of your wedding which is in reality, could be a long day since we will be the first to arrive and probably the last to leave. This is apart from if you wish to also take engagement photos, or pre-wedding photos which even further reiterates the importance of the photographer. That wedding photographer will turn different moments of your wedding into memorable pieces that you can look back on and experience the flashbacks of those special moments years down the road even when you have children, or your children their children. So in short, these are the very same photos that different generations in the future will see. That is why you should spare no effort in going down in person, preferably with your to-be bride or groom of course because their opinions matter too, to select and pick THE wedding photographer that will spare no efforts in making sure you get the very best. Would you want to do a slipshod job of your very own fairytale wedding just to save that bit of time and convenience at the risk of sacrificing what could have been a great wedding experience? No really, would you? What You See Through A Quote May Not Reveal Behind The Scenes Details Couples are also encouraged to ask themselves whether are there specific reasons why one wedding photographer is more expensive or less expensive than another. Such vital knowledge may not be easily seen through a quote or through providing basic overall details of the package. What will you be missing out on or what will you be given more of? In this industry, it is not definite that one photographer who quotes a higher price may display a better working attitude, better understand what you want, and be that very key person you are looking for to make your wedding photos that much more special. Still hesitating? Read on. Do Not Underestimate The Relationship You Have With Your Wedding Photographer I am pretty sure that as you know, with any relationship such as with friends or family, chemistry matters. Resentment and unhappiness can be liable to occur if there is a problem in the chemistry, which in turn will affect the wedding itself. I encourage couples to ask themselves questions such as:
  • Will the wedding photographer that you have picked “click” well with you?
  • Will he or she have a great understanding of what you want, have in mind what suits you, and be able to bring out the best of your ideas and wishes?
  • Will both of you be able to communicate well with each other?
  • Will your bride or groom like your wedding photographer as well?
All these questions cannot be answered through receiving a quote through an e-mail. And that is why it is absolutely essential for you and your future spouse to get to know any potential wedding photographer in person. Who knows, you might turn out to become great friends with your wedding photographer and he or she might offer you a discount too! Of course, I am not pointing out that you should be hankering after one… But then again who wouldn’t want to work with someone who obviously knows your needs very well? Hidden “Surprises” In “Standard” Packages Of course, you might also be enticed by the alluring package and/or quote provided by any one wedding photographer sent to you over the e-mail for example.
  • However, can you say for sure that it is really transparent?
  • Are you certain that no hidden fees?
  • How about the likelihood of lousy quality shots, bad angles or subpar photo-taking skills?
Which couple about to get married would want to spend money on a wedding photographer only to find themselves halfway or into the start that they are lodged in a nightmare with terrible services or experiences? What Will A Good Wedding Photographer Be Able To Provide You With? I can guarantee you that on your wedding day even the most confident bride or groom will get some jitters. It is perfectly normal and understandable. A seasoned and reliable wedding photographer can sometimes do wonders in calming those nerves down by being very reassuring and carrying out his or her duties expertly and professionally. Usually a lot of humour can break the tension of nervousness – and this is a mark of a seasoned wedding photographer. Someone who can make the most tension-filled bride or groom break into happy laughter and smiles to LOOK WONDERFUL AND GREAT for the photos. Whatever choice that you make, you should bear in mind that it is your wedding, and you should not expect any less than the best in capturing those loving, special moments. To sum up, any professional wedding photographer who wishes the best for his or her clients would be frustrated to be unable to meet the potential couple in person to personally know more instead of having to converse through e-mails or messages. It is likewise a nightmare when potential clients are too focused on the prices and make decisions based on that. As good photographers, we want to give the best we can but you are not allowing it to happen and doing yourself and your partner a disservice when you choose to do the above. Do Not Hold Back Because You Are Afraid True, you are essentially not obliged to meet the wedding photographer in person. If you are worried to do so because you are afraid of hard-selling as well, or being faced with a nasty attitude if you wind up not getting the package, what I would like to tell you is – don’t be silly. A reliable and professional wedding photographer who is confident in his or her work and portfolio and wants to act in your very best interests would never hard-sell or push their services to you, or show displeasure if you reject their services after meeting and discussing in person. So go ahead, take the first step and you will be surprised at what you can uncover.

Johan Ghazawan

I love capturing wedding stories. I see each wedding as a creative opportunity. Every element of the story is important, and how we capture those elements is just as important. This is why I accept only a limited number of bookings each year, and never take more than one wedding on a weekend. Connect with Johan Ghazawan on Johan Ghazawan Google+ I want to ensure I have a fresh and inspired eye for each couple's story. In short, I pour our heart, soul and spirit into every wedding we film and photograph.

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