Malay Wedding Photography Packages

We try our best and using all our expert skills at capturing the happiest day of your life in a way that’s unique, special and totally personal.

Our wedding photographers has tips for making sure your photos – from the first kiss after akad nikah to makan beradap – are not only beautiful, but distinctive, too.

Our wedding couples want to show their personality through not only their wedding day as a whole, but through the photos as well.

Here are some of the wedding packages we have available:

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[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Pre-Post Malay Wedding Photography Packages[/box]

Let us help you practice smiling before your actual big wedding day! Our photographers are adept at capturing your engagement event and the surrounding festivities.

At the same time, let us help you create memories of love that you can actually showcase during your wedding reception.

And the most common reason why couples seek engagement photography services – Taking professional photographs can be a bit intimidating for some people.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of cameras and often times this uneasiness with taking photographs reveals itself in the photographs. However spending more time in front of the photographer, allows our soon-to-be married couples more time and more flexibility but give them the opportunity to have new options to go for during the actual wedding day.



[box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Actual Wedding Day Photography Packages[/box]

Jurugambar SG offers our in love couples a hybrid approach to wedding photography, usually a combination of traditional and journalistic wedding photography.

In this approach the photographer focuses on documenting the wedding day but the coverage also includes a session with the couple for formal posed or semi-posed photographs and also family group photos.

At the same time our photojournalistic wedding approach allows for to cater to new needs: More couples are asking for detailed photos of all of the centerpieces and everything that goes into the wedding day.

This includes creative shots of shoes, rings and the dress.



Finally, when you are making a decision for a wedding photographer – look closely to the photographer’s portfolio and see how it agrees with your philosophy on how your wedding day should be photographed.

Regardless of your philosophy, thoughts and feelings – please ensure that you select a master of the craft so that you and the next generation deserve a masterpiece memories of your wedding day.

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