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A wedding is a very special day for many people. It is therefore very important to have experienced and professional photographers to capture those special moments for future reference. Jurugambar SG seeks to ensure that our couples get value for their money.

Our team of photographers are experienced professionals who have the ability to capture the special unforgettable moments on video and photos.

Visit a newly wedded couple and you will realize just how much they cherish their wedding photos and videos.

They go to the extent of playing the videos over and over again for their guests, with their wedding album constantly at reach to be viewed.

One cannot have a wedding without photography just like one cannot have a wedding without a cake.

A professional wedding photographer is a must have  to make your wedding event a beautiful memory that lasts.

That is why before settling for a wedding photographer – soon to wed couples should seek referrals for the best Malay wedding photographers in town.

Jurugambar SG are aware of the different ways of to enhance affection and love feelings among couples.

When they see the happy moments they had they are reminded of their vows and love declarations to one another.

It is only an experienced photographer who is able to create these feelings through his pictures.

They are able to recognize and suggests postures and scenery that will create those unforgettable but memorable captions.

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A wedding by nature is an expensive undertaking. Couples need to be prepared both psychologically and financially to get the best from the wedding day.

When there are upcoming special events such as weddings, individuals may have if-money-is-no-object daydreams.

However, the fantasies only last very shortly, and all concerns boil down to money matters.

Likewise photography that is of quality and professional nature will be more costly than mere ordinary photography.

The rates will differ from one photographer to another.

Many wedding photography packages are surprisingly affordable if you know where to get a good deal, and today’s photographers are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to capture your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Jurugambar SG  is not only well known for their creativity, quality output and affordability but also for their professional staff.

Our vast experience in the field of photography with professional technical knowledge. Our photographers know how to bring out best shot postures and intimate locations in Singapore.

Numerous couples have used our photography services and experienced rewarding results – offering an unending list of referrals and testimonials in their favour.

Even after the wedding event is over – they stop to get feedback and interact with their clients to make sure all went well and that they are fully satisfied.

Our wedding photography packages prices are affordable and reasonable without any hidden cost. Many photographers will give you a cheap package and not indicate other hidden costs that only appear once the wedding event is done with. The couple ends up paying more than had earlier been agreed.

Reliability is crucial when making this choice. A photographer should be ready and at hand from the onset. Immediately the bride can be dressed and ready – at the mosque, reception, photo session, name it.

Nobody wants to keep looking for a photographer to capture their special moments, it is their initiative and duty to be there at all times.

For the best affordable Malay wedding photography in Singapore, Jurugambar SG is the way to go.



Johan Ghazawan

I love capturing wedding stories. I see each wedding as a creative opportunity. Every element of the story is important, and how we capture those elements is just as important. This is why I accept only a limited number of bookings each year, and never take more than one wedding on a weekend. Connect with Johan Ghazawan on Johan Ghazawan Google+ I want to ensure I have a fresh and inspired eye for each couple's story. In short, I pour our heart, soul and spirit into every wedding we film and photograph.

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