Wedding Photography – What You Pay Is What You Get

Malay weddings are not cheap. It definitely isn’t as cheap as some might have come to believe in recent times. In most cases, a couple has to work the budget creatively around the big-ticket items like the baju, decorations, pelamin, catering, Mak Andam fees, to the point that photography might take a back seat.

Having said that, in terms of pricing, one needs to be realistic about what to expect within a specific budget. Today, wedding photography packages in the market can range from $400+ to a whopping $5000+ a pop.

The main differences between the packages are:
1) hours the photographer commits to your majlis
2) professionalism and experience
3) the amount of deliverables they provide within the packages.

So what can you expect for $400?

Less than $500 Wedding Photography Budget? Then Don’t Ask For Too Much

Ever since I started my wedding photography business, I am aware of the keen competition level on the marketplace.

Thanks to the affordability of DSLR entry-level cameras, the barriers to entry to this photography industry have dropped significantly.

Many freelance photographers with limited experience are now flooding the marketplace – providing very cheap photography services where their standards of quality are highly questionable.

Malay Engagement Photography – Practice Smiling!

Engagement (or majlis pertunangan) is usually customary before the wedding. It is a promise a couple makes to each other.

It is also a hint to other men out there that the eligible young lady is no longer available. Pre-booked already lah!

The typical 6 months or 1 year engagement is also an opportunity for the families of both sides of couple to get to know each other better.

In the meantime, there will be a smaller scale engagement event going on.

There will be a lot of beautiful engagement trays bearing gifts, engagement party and general revelry and happiness going on.

So why not hire a professional photographer to cover this special engagement day?

Cheap Wedding Photography – Rising Demand In Singapore?

In Singapore, the price of a HDB flat just hit $1 million dollars. That is in terms of SGD folks.

Property experts are saying that there will be more million dollar HDB flats can be expected to appear in the resale HDB market according to this report.

You are now one half of a young couple, getting ready to begin the new chapter in your life.

You have been working hard and saving money.

Currently you and your partner:

  • just got enough money in your CPF to buy your first HDB flat
  • thinking of getting a renovation loan to spruce up your BTO HDB flat
  • budgeting for the new furniture for your new home
  • are thinking of that exotic honeymoon
  • maybe thinking of that endowment fund for future children…
  • and thinking of spending a large part of your hard-earned savings on your wedding reception!

At this times, an excel spreadsheet can be your best friend.

Before you even begin your marriage journey, do NOT get mired in debt.