We are on Berita Minggu!

My latest client in Dec 2012 was Hanan & Aidah. I devoted a lot of extra time and support for them as they took up the entire wedding photography package.

They took up the akad nikah, post wedding photoshoot and actual wedding day photography package for their sanding on 16 Dec 2012.

We had 2 photographers + 1 standby as well as 1 videographer to ensure complete coverage of their wedding event. All in all – about 3 days including the post wedding outdoor photoshoot.

Thanks to a great wedding atmosphere with joy clearly reflecting on their faces despite the looooong day of love, hugs and travelling between Yishun & Bedok — I am so glad we had so many great beautiful photos captured!

With the blessings of the couple, I submitted this shot to Berita Minggu. It looks pretty good especially being flanked on both sides by the kompang group.

The radiant couple looking like the peribahasa definition – “Buah pinang dibelah dua”.

Too bad Berita Minggu cropped it a little bit. I put up an album here of their Sunday wedding day coverage – check it out!

Plus a satisfied wedding couple always makes me happy. Being a wedding photographer is AMANAH BESAR (huge responsibility) – I take it very seriously.


Johan Ghazawan

I love capturing wedding stories. I see each wedding as a creative opportunity. Every element of the story is important, and how we capture those elements is just as important. This is why I accept only a limited number of bookings each year, and never take more than one wedding on a weekend. Connect with Johan Ghazawan on Johan Ghazawan Google+ I want to ensure I have a fresh and inspired eye for each couple's story. In short, I pour our heart, soul and spirit into every wedding we film and photograph.

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