Top 10 Locations in Singapore For Pre Wedding Photo Shoots

The big day marks a couple’s beginning to a happy ever after but who says happy ever after can’t start even before the wedding day? Pre-wedding shoots reflect the personality of both you and your partner as a couple.

It’s a fun way to get some time for play and to be completely silly. Be free; pretend to be royalty for a day or main characters in your favourite romance novel and have a hoot collecting fantastic memories of your lives together.

Even if you are already happily married, a photoshoot could be a great way to commemorate your anniversary and to chart your life as a couple over the years. This is a romantic gesture that would be sure to melt all hearts.

These are some suggestions for fantastic locations for your pre-wedding shoots. Whether you are a hippy couple, a sophisticated one or a bunch of nature lovers crazy in love, read on to find out the perfect spot for your shoot.