Cheap Wedding Photography – Rising Demand In Singapore?

In Singapore, the price of a HDB flat just hit $1 million dollars. That is in terms of SGD folks.

Property experts are saying that there will be more million dollar HDB flats can be expected to appear in the resale HDB market according to this report.

You are now one half of a young couple, getting ready to begin the new chapter in your life.

You have been working hard and saving money.

Currently you and your partner:

  • just got enough money in your CPF to buy your first HDB flat
  • thinking of getting a renovation loan to spruce up your BTO HDB flat
  • budgeting for the new furniture for your new home
  • are thinking of that exotic honeymoon
  • maybe thinking of that endowment fund for future children…
  • and thinking of spending a large part of your hard-earned savings on your wedding reception!

At this times, an excel spreadsheet can be your best friend.

Before you even begin your marriage journey, do NOT get mired in debt.

One of the highest reasons for marriage breakdown is debt. It is tragic irony that the event that officially brings you together – becomes the main reason for break-up.

Ideas to save money as you start your married life are often simple and obvious, but like most things that are obvious they can also be easily overlooked and forgotten.

We noticed that there are rising demand for cheap wedding photography – especially in Singapore.

There have been requests for only a CD of high resolution images of their wedding rather than an ordering an entire photobook.

Newlywed couples are preferring to print the photos later on Рwhen there are special offers with that photo developer or when that  photobook coupon appears on Groupon.

Many couples are beginning to opt for no-frills wedding photography.

“We will print the photos ourselves. Just need a professional photographer for a few hours to capture the event. After that, a CD of the photos is good enough.”

This is not to say that wedding photography is not important – but rather the pragmatic Singaporean mindset kicking in.

Jurugambar SG acknowledges this trend. We know you are the wise couples who are far-sighted and realize that marriage is not a grand ONE DAY affair.

It is a long journey (hopefully for many years to come) that has many future milestones and a life financially tied together.

Hence we have several Malay wedding photography packages that caters to this group of budget-conscious couples.

Check out our affordable Malay wedding photography packages for more pricing information.


Johan Ghazawan

I love capturing wedding stories. I see each wedding as a creative opportunity. Every element of the story is important, and how we capture those elements is just as important. This is why I accept only a limited number of bookings each year, and never take more than one wedding on a weekend. Connect with Johan Ghazawan on Johan Ghazawan Google+ I want to ensure I have a fresh and inspired eye for each couple's story. In short, I pour our heart, soul and spirit into every wedding we film and photograph.

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